We are a game studio led by gamers and crypto-enthusiasts and dedicated to the endless possibilities of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In our quest to be part of the next generation of blockchain games storming into the gaming industry, we´ve launched Mad Viking Games.

Blockchain and NFTs provide games with a real economy where the tokens and characters are the property of the players and not even the games company can take them away. Players truly own their character.

In the Mad Viking Games platform, the characters will transcend the gaming paradigm, by not only being part of one game but being part of an ecosystem of games, where the same characters can be used in a multitude of games and applications. 

To facilitate the trade of NFTs, we are developing a UI and marketplace. 

Furthermore, we will eventually go cross-chain on the Ethereum and Binance chain networks in order to expand the user base.

We have two types of NFTs both inspired by Norse mythology. Item NFTs that gives specific platform benefits, and Character NFTs that can be used to play games with. 

There will be a small fee for listing NFTs on the market, but unlike other platforms, we won´t charge you a percentage of extra fees for successful sales. The promotes and enables a dynamic marketplace of buying and selling NFTs. 
Besides the platform, we are developing various games within different categories, which we will announce later on. 


To make it clear: Beside the elements we have already revealed in this document, there are various other features and factors that we, for strategic reasons, don’t wish to disclose at this point in time. 

Our hope is that those who invest will be surprised when we unveil, step-by-step, more of what we are working on. 
We prefer to be vague in some areas and keep our cards close to our chest, rather than lay all our cards on the table from the start and risk that other NFT-based companies do the same.

What we can do, however, is promise that what is coming will be something that has never been seen in the NFT tech  community so far, so get ready for us to reveal the unique factors of this project when it is closer to being ready. 


With Mad Viking Games, gamers can even take the their characters into new game versions and expansions.

According to ACN´s new report "Gaming - the new superplatform" the gaming industry is in a perod of strong growth and will continue to be so in the years to come.

  • 2.7 billion: the estimated number of gamers worldwide in 2021.

  • 405 million: the number of subscribers on YouTube to the top-ten gaming influencers.

  • $300+ billion: an estimate of the direct and indirect value of the gaming industry – much higher than previous industry estimates.

Mad Viking Games intends to tap into a humble slice of this enormous global market. 


Our NFT Characters grow older and stronger with time - but don’t worry, your NFTs can’t die of old age.

By introducing an advanced breeding system, your characters may have a child with another character when both have reached a certain age.

All characters are limited to have "half a child", which means they can have one child with another - sort of a one-child policy. It creates a balance between being able to create your own NFT characters, and not being able to overflow the market with new ones, since it takes two to make one child. When that child reaches a certain age, they will be able to have their own child. 

You will be able to create new half breeds with specific combinations of  parents from different races, or create a long and proud lineage of purebloods within a certain race. You may even create your own sub-race by following certain breeding patterns for generations. These rare halfbreeds or purebloods can only be purchased on the open market by gamers/collectors selling them. 

Same sex breeding will also be possible. Why not? This is a realm with magic. 


Buy NFT Characters and items


GEMS to use

as influence

Passive income by native staking


Vechain is the leading blockchain solution when it comes to 

enhancing supply chain management and business processes, and forming partnerships with international companies like DNV GL, Walmart China, PwC, BMW Group and BYD. 

MVG is a token on the VechainThor blockchain. Why Vechain? 

  • We have held VET since it was called VEN, and we know what the future holds for this leading blockchain company. 

  • Vechain has recently lowered their transaction fees by 99%, paving the way for a blooming ecosystem, where each new project strengthens it as a whole. 

  • On the VechainThor blockchain, smart contract actions on VeChain require VTHO tokens to be consumed as transaction fees. However, the VechainThor network has mechanism called Fee Delegation, which means that users can delegate the fee to the owners of the application, allowing all transactions to be paid in MVG instead of VTHO. Only needing one token to play allows for easier adoption by gamers, when they only need one token to play. It can even feature a trial period, where all fees are paid by Mad Viking Games. 


MVG is a blockchain gaming company founded in 2021. The project leaders are a group of Danish crypto enthusiasts and gamers who have known each other since kindergarten and got into crypto a long time ago. 

This project will be managed in accordance with Danish business culture. We Danes generally tend to spend our money cautiously, and expect others to do the same. For example, in 2014 the then Prime Minister of Denmark came under heavy criticism and had to defend himself on national television because his political party had bought him a extravagantly expensive suit. Our culture is one of looking after money, not throwing it about haphazardly. 

As good Danes, we love planning, community involvement and doing honest business.

Bitcoin emerged as a reaction to the financial crisis and countries endlessly printing more fiat, which devalued the fiat´s value and eventually the citizens’ purchasing power. Ironically, in the crypto world, we have seen too many projects reserve huge quantities of the total supply, which is then released, oversaturating the market, and thereby harming their initial investors.

A solid company should be able to sustain its project, with the initial funds raised and additional funds gained by its products.

Our core values are reflected in our token distribution plan, staking options, team vesting period and 1usd salaries to all project leaders until our main products are delivered. 


NFTs and blockchain gaming are the future. All project leaders are direct descendants of the Vikings, which inspired us to make the company and our games evolve around Norse Mythology.

We are creating a blockchain-based gaming platform with a new kind of NFTs. 
An inclusive and participatory space for gamers and investors, where they can influence the development of the games and projects.

Our aim is to create a project with a healthy token economy, which we see as dependent on three key factors:

1) Utility via the Mad Viking Games platform which creates demand for the MVG token.  

2) A staking and governance system that incentivizes long term holding, which lowers the actual circulating supply. 

3) An assured spread of the token, facilitated by reserving a huge percentage of the supply for private hands, and initiating our ICO with a low entry price.



MVG is looking into how to legally redistribute 50% of its profits to MVG token holders without it becoming classified as a security token. This could be by for example setting up a separate "MVG Foundation" and transfer 50% of the company shares to this entity. The foundation will then, for example, hold a yearly lottery, where the chance and amount to win is more or less proportional with the yearly average of the amount a holder has staked during a year. 

This  will be paid out in VET or MVG tokens, depending on the circumstances.

The other half will be dedicated to expanding and promoting the platform in order to get new investors and gamers to join us. 


We will issue a governance token called GEMS. All stakers will receive GEMS at a fixed rate proportionally to the amount and the time staked.

GEMS can be used to vote for the implementation of specific features or games on the platform. All used GEMS get burned. 

GEMS can be sold on the market to gamers who want to buy more influence. 

Basic generation rate is 10 GEMS a week per 1.000.000 MVG Staked. The minimum amount of MVG to hold is 500.000 MVG tokens. 

In time, we will open for community proposed votes and referenda. 

You´ll even be able to vote on games. Imagine being a gamer and the game you are playing have a feature, place or an NPC that was your idea that come to life! 



In our opinion, the vast majority of the tokens should be in private hands. 

Huge amounts of the total token supply reserved for diverse purposes by the company creates uncertainty for investors and will result in a devaluation of the token once released as it is used to fund expenses. 

We work differently. The vast majority of MVG tokens have been allocated to private hands, who will have an interest in staking them. 

Since we use DDVP, team tokens will not be released until the main products are completed. Even when all tokens are released, 63% of the total supply is allocated for private hands. 


Far too often project leaders seem to give themselves disproportionately high salaries. Mad Viking Games wish to do it differently. Hence, all of the project leaders will receive the princely of 1 USD a month as their salary, until all main products are delivered. 

MVG can do this because our project leaders invested very early in crypto, and have earned enough to live just fine off the funds they receive by staking other assets.

Once all the main products have been delivered, Project leaders will get their salary by staking the MVG tokens that we have allocated for them as part of the team. 

The MVG Token has a fixed supply of 14 billion 
(14,000,000,000). Additional tokens will not be minted. 
(86% of total supply of 100b has been burned, leaving only 14b left) 

Burn confirmation: 0x1283fe2263745f4c9b3d28f667ab1ed398c3df6da6f550b183c7e86fb5af596e


We have implemented a DDVP (Delivery Dependent Vesting Period) for the tokens allocated for the team.

This means that the vesting period starts when main products are delivered: 

  • NFTs and UI

  • Market Place

  • First game ready for general availability

The reason for the DDVP is that far too often we have seen projects where the team gets their tokens long before they have finished the product, which is then  slowly released on the market. Once they have their tokens, they are in no rush to deliver. 

The DDVP motivates our team to commit and finish our products. 

It will be released at a rate of 16% every 3 months, counting from the conditions for the DDVP has been completed. 
Of the 23% team allocation, only 8% is allocated for the current team, and the remaining 15% is a buffer allocated to support future team expansion.

To clarify: 

ICO-investors will get all their tokens shortly after the end of the ICO. Price: 0,0002 USD, with up to a 20% bonus for Diamond package buyers. 
Unsold tokens, if any, will not come into circulation. 

Private-investors will receive their tokens at 8,88% per 3 months. The first batch will be 3 months after the date of the ICO, which means that all those tokens will have been distributed after 2.8 years. 

Private investors buy close to ICO price (Diamond Package), but gains extra staking rewards and game characters, in return for their vesting period or early investment. 

This makes the ICO price the lowest buy-price.