More will be revealed, step by step as we move towards platform launch and game release.  

We will have 6 playable races and are currently working on 2  types of games.

One turn-based and another open-world. 



We want to ensure a gaming experience where the gamer’s strategy and dedication determine their chances to win.

Therefore, our games and ecosystem will be structured towards this goal, and people won't be able to purchase direct in-game advantages.


The achievements will partly be tied to the wallet you use to connect with the games. 

Blockchain solves a problem in the traditional gaming industry. Some people buy accounts from other people on secondary markets.

So, you can never know if a high ranked play really earned it or just bought it.

But since the achievements are tied to your wallet, it becomes hard to sell, since few people want to buy a "wallet" knowing that the seller also has the seed words, and hence can take back control whenever they want.

Previous character owners will be tracked on the blockchain, and form part of the character's history and journey.


As NFT characters are used in games, they gain a history and become more unique, adding value to them.

Also, when they reach a certain age, they will be able to breed with another character, potentially forming a long line of purebloods or creating new half breeds between races. Just like their parents, these children can also be sold on the market to the highest bidder. 


Our aim is to produce high-quality products, both in terms of NFT Characters and Blockchain games. Quality is a key factor for the mission to attract gamers from traditional games into playing blockchain games. 

Likewise, an easy transition is important. We will be offering a fiat gateway for gamers, so they can easily purchase MVG tokens with credit/debit cards. The orders purchased with fiat will be put in as buy orders on markets where MVG are listed. 


NFT Characters: 6 Playable races that can breed and

move between the games. All from Norse Mythology. 


The Vikings of Midgard. The only race created by the Aesir Gods with Odin in charge. And hence, they have a special connection with these. Vikings are bred for war from childhood. Both women and men. The best are chosen by the Valkyries of the gods and taken to Valhalla the day they die. 

The Vikings were divided into many clans dedicated to fighting, raiding and honoring the gods. Since Midgard is located in the middle among the realms, it is often the center of conflict or invasion by the other realms. 


Draugr is the undead of Norse Mythology. Their dead necrotic flesh reeks of decay. Cursed to wander the lands with no need for rest or food. They retain most of their intelligence but seek only the destruction of all living things. They can spread their curse to others by touching those who have inferior willpower or who willingly submit their soul to eternal damnation.


Also called Ljósálfar, residents of the magnificent realm Alfheim. Skilled in light and nature-based magic. They have a strong connection with the sun, life and nature, and a good relationship with the Vanir Gods in Vanaheim. 

They bear the power of the sun within them and are generally kind-hearted. But if you intentionally harm their holy places, be prepared to feel a smite piercing flesh and bone. Even if the wrongdoers manage to escape judgement, the Bright Elves are blessed with long life which means that they can easily spend decades hunting down those who have wronged them.


Also called Svartálfar from the dark world of Svartalfheim. Skilled in Dark Magic and using the shadows to their advantage. They find joy in causing or observing the suffering of others.

Well organized and commanding vast armies of darkness, they are feared among the other races. They value domination and tyranny, preferring to see their enemies crumble away while working as slaves in their society, rather than killing them right away. Through torture and manipulation, they will leave their prisoners as nothing more than husks of their former selves.


Also called Dökkálfar. Tinkerers of the underground, living deep in the mountains. The most skilled rune smiths in the cosmos, capable of creating unparalleled magical weaponry. Among many things, they created Thor's hammer Mjolnir and Odin's spear Gungnir. Dwarves are a highly competitive people. Their magical objects and war machines are coveted by all civilized races. 


The wilderness is a dangerous place to be for the ill-prepared. Inhabited by many strange creatures, like the charming Huldra, the savage trolls and the swift Vargrs. 

Disorganized but strong, they lurk on the fringes of civilization, where no one will hear your cry for help.

We have a lot more to be revealed. For example, classes/professions together with graphics will be revealed closer to the market launch. 


We are working on two types of games. A turn-based and open-world version.

Our turn-based version of the game will focus on shorter battles between NFT Characters and have a highly strategic and competitive design, well adapted for e-sports or people who want a fast match against friends or foes.

This will allow us to appeal to the growing E-sports communities, which has become a new billion-dollar industry. 

We already have arrangements in place for this, which we will reveal later on. 

We are also working on a more immersive first-person open-world game, based on Norse Mythology. 

The game will humbly start in Midgard, and will be expanded to eventually include all of the other 8 realms. All races will be available from the beginning.

Through Yggdrasil, the Great World Tree that connects the nine realms of the universe, the characters will be able to explore and immerse themselves in Norse Mythology, quests and duels. 

Ultimately, it will contain the magnificent realm of the Aesir gods Asgard, the burning lands of the fire giants Muspelheim, the icy vales of the frost giants Jotunheim, the realm of the Vanir gods Vanaheim, the frigid wasteland of Niflheim, the bountiful forests of Alfheim, the murky domain of the dark elves Svartalfheim, and the forsaken fields of Helheim. 

Each realm has its own traits and challenges.